Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fo' Cheap!!

I am not sure how many photographs I have taken w/this film that would be considered "memories" (positive ones at least?)or even "art?" -but I am always a sucka' for a good bargain. Esp when it comes to film!--Not just cause I am living on a fixed income (i.e. minimum wage) but because the price of film is usually what is costs to feed a small family in El Salvador. After many missions ducking into random China Town switch blade shops and heckling Dolla' Tree clerks, I encountered a spot that is slanging this at $1.50 a roll!- this film is not all that bad when it comes to outdoor daytime shooting. I bought 20 rolls the first time I found them and have since shot them all. I keep buying more every time I am around the joint and should prob stop. I fondly remember opening my dads film canisters to smell the inside when I was younger (something I still enjoy doing) as well as asking him the purpose behind keepin' film in the fridge?. All in all thank you dollar store for helping me support my habit!!
*heres a couple photographs shot using the film:

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