Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fo' Cheap!!

I am not sure how many photographs I have taken w/this film that would be considered "memories" (positive ones at least?)or even "art?" -but I am always a sucka' for a good bargain. Esp when it comes to film!--Not just cause I am living on a fixed income (i.e. minimum wage) but because the price of film is usually what is costs to feed a small family in El Salvador. After many missions ducking into random China Town switch blade shops and heckling Dolla' Tree clerks, I encountered a spot that is slanging this at $1.50 a roll!- this film is not all that bad when it comes to outdoor daytime shooting. I bought 20 rolls the first time I found them and have since shot them all. I keep buying more every time I am around the joint and should prob stop. I fondly remember opening my dads film canisters to smell the inside when I was younger (something I still enjoy doing) as well as asking him the purpose behind keepin' film in the fridge?. All in all thank you dollar store for helping me support my habit!!
*heres a couple photographs shot using the film:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Eyes To The Ground

I found $90 once (the most $ I have found) in a money clip walkin' home from a party in high school. Ever since then I have kept my eye to the ground for ground scores and interesting photographic opportunities. There's all kind of cool shit you can find on the city streets. Although most of the time you wouldn't want to pick it up_ I use alot of what I find on the street(excluding people of course) for reference material for my collages or give it away to friends. Other times I just like to photograph stuff on the street/ground to remember how interesting it looked at the time. Always a work in progress.....

2010 World Series Champions

Some photographs taken on my digital camera from what was just the beginning of many wild street celebrations around the city after the Giants won the World Series. For the most part these photographs are pretty tame. The celebrations and rioting continued into the late evening, I didnt get to make it into the Mission where most of the ruckus took place after dark;(--All in all, it was a wonderful day and great moment in history for the city, fans, and Giants staff. Today I post this also in celebration of the great Willy May's birthday!!